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We can customise your outdoor area to maximise your entertaining area.

Alluring Kitchens is proud to be your Weber Q outdoor BBQ kitchen specialist in Adelaide. As an authorized dealer of Weber Q, we have a vast range of Weber Q models to choose from, which are perfect for your outdoor kitchen. Our team of professionals can help you design a bespoke outdoor kitchen layout that perfectly suits your needs and requirements.

Why Choose Weber Q for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

The Weber Q is an innovative and high-quality gas grill that can do much more than just grilling. This versatile grill can bake, roast, and even smoke your food, making it an all-in-one cooking appliance for your outdoor kitchen. The Weber Q’s compact size and portability also make it perfect for small outdoor spaces, balconies, or patios. You can cook up delicious meals for your family and friends without any fuss.

Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen with Weber Q

At Alluring Kitchens, we understand that every outdoor kitchen is different, and every homeowner has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customised outdoor kitchen designs that revolve around your Weber Q grill. We can help you choose the perfect layout, appliances, and accessories to create a functional and stunning outdoor kitchen.

Weber Q installation in Adelaide

Some of the common features and appliances in your outdoor kitchen include:

  • Weber Q grills: We can install any Weber Q model that you desire, whether it’s the Weber Q 2000, Q 3000, or Q 4000.
  • Benchtops: You can choose from laminated or granite benchtops in various colours and styles to match your outdoor décor.
  • Drawers, cupboards & storage space: We can design and build drawers, cupboards, and storage spaces around your Weber Q to store your utensils, plates, and condiments.
  • Fridges: We can install small bar fridges or large in-home fridges, depending on your space and requirements.
  • Sinks & taps: We can install sinks and taps to make cleaning up your outdoor kitchen a breeze.
  • Dishwashers: We can also install dishwashers to save you time and effort in cleaning up after a meal.

Other BBQ Brands and Styles to Choose From

If the Weber Q isn’t what you’re looking for, we also offer a wide range of other BBQ brands and styles to choose from. Our other popular brands include Matador BBQ and Ziegler & Brown. We can install any BBQ brand of your choice from Barbeques Galore, Weber Store, or Rawsons Weber Store.

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At Alluring Kitchens, we are committed to providing you with the best outdoor kitchen solutions in Adelaide. Our Weber Q outdoor BBQ kitchens are not only functional and versatile but also stylish and visually appealing. Contact us today for a free quote or to discuss your outdoor kitchen requirements with our expert team.

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