Laundry Renovations in Adelaide

Custom Build Laundry Cabinetry in Adelaide

Laundry cabinetry refers to storage and organisation solutions designed specifically for laundry rooms. At Alluring Kitchens, we specialise in custom-made cabinetry to make the most out of the space you have in your laundry.

This can include various types of cabinets, shelves, and drawers that help keep your laundry supplies, cleaning products, and clothing organised, in an efficient manner that reduces clutter on bench spaces.

There are lots of available options using different materials, styles, and sizes to suit your preferences and the available space in your laundry room. We use this material to custom-build the perfect laundry room for your needs.

To learn more about our custom-built Laundry Cabinetry please read below & for information on bathroom cabinetry please click the link provided.

Laundry Appliance Installations

When it comes to your laundry & wanting to get a more modern design & layout we can use custom-built cabinetry to hide your laundry appliances. Which in most cases is a washer and dryer.

  1. Washer: We ensure that the washer is level to prevent excessive vibration during operation. When designing the layout we can make sure the water connections are in the correct place so that there are no hoses visible making the laundry seamless in appearance. 
  2. Dryer: Similar to the washer we can Install the dryer in a well-ventilated area to allow proper airflow. We always recommend cleaning the lint trap before each use to prevent lint buildup and reduce the risk of fire. Use a rigid or flexible metal duct to vent the dryer outside, ensuring that the vent is clear of obstructions.
Laundry renovations in Adelaide

We Can Optimise Your Laundry Room Layout

To suit your needs

An optimised laundry room layout can improve functionality and efficiency.

Here are some tips for creating an optimised layout for your laundry:

  1. Assess the available space: Measure your laundry room to determine the available space for appliances, cabinetry, and other storage solutions. Consider any existing plumbing and electrical connections that may influence the placement of appliances.
  2. Separate zones: Divide your laundry room into different zones based on their functions. Create a designated area for sorting and pre-treating laundry, a washing zone with the washer and adjacent counter space, a drying zone with the dryer, and a folding area with a countertop or table.
  3. Utilize vertical space: Maximize storage by using wall-mounted cabinets and shelving. This will help keep supplies and detergents within reach while leaving the floor area clear.
  4. Consider workflow: Arrange the appliances and work areas to create a logical flow. The general order is sorting and pre-treatment, washing, drying, and folding. Ensure that there is enough space between appliances for comfortable operation.
  5. Incorporate practical features: Include features such as a utility sink for handwashing or soaking clothes, a hanging rod for air-drying delicate items, and pull-out hampers for easy sorting and storage of dirty laundry.
  6. Adequate lighting: Install bright, task-oriented lighting in your laundry room to ensure clear visibility while working. Consider adding under-cabinet lighting for better illumination on countertops or in cabinets.
Nicholas James
Nicholas James
We selected Alluring Kitchens to carry out a rejuvenation of our 30 year old kitchen, having previously used Steve's services a few years ago for some minor work. The team at Alluring Kitchens could not have been more helpful or professional throughout the entire process. Everything, from visiting Fiona at the workshop/showroom, discussing options for a new benchtop, discussing the cut down of the existing jarrah breakfast bar with Steve, to dealing with the various tradespeople was done with the minimum of concern on our part and the utmost of professionalism and care on their part The excellent communications along the way meant we were always aware of what was happening and when the next tradesperson was due. A special mention to Daniel, for his excellent work in this aspect of the process. Steve has assembled an excellent team of people who clearly take great pride in their work. Everyone associated with Alluring Kitchens was very professional and courteous and went out of their way to make the process as seamless and stress free as possible, with the end result that we have a kitchen that has a new lease of life and looks wonderful. We cannot recommend Alluring Kitchens highly enough.
Stefan Gabrynowicz
Stefan Gabrynowicz
The service provided by Steve was excellent in every possible way, he went above and beyond. Highly recommended!!
Jacqui Ball
Jacqui Ball
Alluring Kitchens are a professional and honest business. Steve and his workers are amazing. The craftsmanship of the masonry for the black bench and focus that was put into our kitchen, just blew us away. Highly recommended for those who seek to remodel their kitchen on a reasonable budget. As you see before and after pictures. PS Kitchen is only partly remodelled
Annette Stokolosa
Annette Stokolosa
Steve from Alluring Kitchens helped me design my new kitchen which is not only beautiful but extremely functional. I was so impressed with their professionalism and turn around time to complete. All trades were coordinated very well and everyone was very pleasant to deal with.
From first point of contact Steve has been prompt, professional, and informative about all aspects of the kitchen & laundry renovations I was looking for. Nothing discussed was too big of a task. The installs went exactly to plan, with the team keeping me informed on what was happening every step of the process. Can’t thank Steve and the team enough for renovating both spaces by opening up the areas all while keeping the original house cottage feel. They were a pleasure to work with and highly recommend Alluring Kitchens to anyone looking for a top quality and professional job!
Aise Dillon
Aise Dillon
Amazing Kitchen from Design to Finish of my parents home near the beach. Steve and his team have done a wonderful job creating a ‘hamptons inspired/coastal’ kitchen. We would highly recommend Alluring kitchens to anyone wanting a down to earth and honest experience. Thank you again Steve
Teresa Lampard
Teresa Lampard
Steve and his team did an amazing job installing and designing our new kitchen. We could not fault their service and attention to detail! An absolute pleasure to do business with! And best of all WE LOVE OUR KITCHEN . We highly recommend them.
Rosemarie Schmidt
Rosemarie Schmidt
Steve and his team did a professional job on a small make over of our kitchen. The stone benchtop is amazing, the tiler was also prompt and professional. A very professional business to work with.

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