New Kitchen Build in Henley

In the beautiful setting of Henley Beach, Ken and Sau embarked on an exciting project to renovate their kitchen and laundry spaces. They aimed to maximise space while adding a touch of modern elegance to their home.

Project Details

The renovation started with the addition of a well-designed peninsula bar that extends the kitchen’s length. This clever feature not only provides extra counter space but also serves as a casual dining area, enhancing both functionality and social interaction.

Material and Design

The new kitchen features sleek, modern laminate finishes on the cabinetry and surfaces. A standout element is the laminate wooden benchtop, which combines durability with the warm aesthetics of wood. This creates a practical yet stylish surface that complements the minimalist design.

Technical Enhancements

The project included a complete update of the plumbing and electrical systems to support the latest kitchen appliances and features. Efficient LED lighting was installed to brighten the space while conserving energy. These upgrades ensure that the kitchen and laundry are not only beautiful but also highly functional.

Ken and Sau’s renovated kitchen and laundry in Henley Beach demonstrate what can be achieved with thoughtful space planning and modern materials. Their home now features a blend of functionality and contemporary style, perfectly suited to their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

If you’re considering a renovation, let us help you create a space that combines practicality with modern design.